Divorce in Dallas County

To file for divorce in Dallas County, you or your spouse need to:

  • Be Texas residents for at least 6 months.
  • Reside in Dallas County for a minimum of a 90-day period.

Get a complete set of forms for your uncontested divorce in Dallas County by choosing a reliable online service. Forget about pricey lawyers and get court-approved Dallas divorce forms relevant to your case.

Complete Dallas County Divorce Forms Online

Filing divorce papers yourself may seem overwhelming at first sight, especially for spouses who have never represented themselves in court pro se. And, one of the most important and challenging stages of any divorce is completing all the necessary forms properly. It may be difficult to find a specific set of forms required for your case. Besides, some of them may be outdated. Moreover, any mistakes in the documents may lead to unwanted outcomes of the divorce, increase its total price, or even turn an uncontested case into a contested one.

Woman filling divorce papers
Lawyer helps with divorce forms

Therefore, it is essential to fill divorce forms out correctly, and this is where DallasDivorceOnline.com comes in handy. We will ensure you receive the court-approved and up-to-date forms relevant to your case. Besides, you will get instructions on what to do next after the papers are ready and how to file them.

In our questionnaire, you will need to answer several blocks of questions concerning your personal information, the other spouse and minor children, property and finances, etc. All these details are required for us to generate accurate documents.

File for Divorce in Dallas County in 3 Easy Steps

Couples who qualify for an uncontested no-fault dissolution of marriage can choose a DIY divorce and represent themselves in court without a lawyer. If you are looking for a cheap divorce and want to save on costly legal services, consider using our top-notch online assistance with divorce documents. This is an optimal solution for preparing the paperwork and filing for divorce in Dallas county without stress. Get the forms that are ready to file with the court at a reasonable cost and within a short deadline.

Steps to File for Divorce in Dallas County

To begin the process of filing for divorce in Dallas County, you will need:

Step 1 in the divorce proceedings

1. Complete the questionnaire

Check if you qualify for an uncontested divorce by answering several questions.

Step 2 in the divorce proceedings

2. Download the prepared forms

Complete a comprehensive questionnaire. Provide accurate information regarding your case. Use our special hint boxes if you have doubts when answering some questions.

Step 3 in the divorce proceedings

3. File your papers with the court

Download and print the filled-out forms. Read carefully the instructions on how to file for divorce in Dallas county. Start the marriage dissolution process by submitting the documents to the clerk’s office.

Compare Your Options for Divorce in Dallas County

1 option for divorce

Online divorce with no children

An easy way to get a full set of documents for your divorce in just a few clicks. Detailed filing instructions are included.

2 option for divorce

Online divorce with children

An optimal solution for couples with minor children. A fixed price for the complete package of documents, including child custody and support forms.

3 option for divorce

Installment plan for everyone

Split the bill into convenient partial payments. Access the questionnaire after the first payment. No hidden fees.

Where Do I File My Divorce in Dallas County?

To initiate a divorce in Dallas County, you need to file a petition in person with the District Clerk’s office that handles divorce cases. It is also possible to file for divorce online in an uncontested divorce without children.

How Much Does It Cost to File a Divorce in Dallas County?

On average, divorce filing fees in Dallas County are around $350-401, depending on whether you have children. However, there might be extra expenses for serving the spouse or making copies of the documents.

What Is the Waiting Period for Divorce in Dallas County?

There is a mandatory 60-day waiting period from filing the Petition with the court to the moment when divorce can be finalized in Dallas.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Dallas, Texas?

There are many factors that influence the divorce duration. In general, uncontested divorces take from two to six months, depending on the court’s schedule. More complex contested cases may last from six months to several years.

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