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Grounds for Divorce in Texas

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Divorce can be very difficult and emotional. It’s truly important to clearly understand the legal reasons for divorce allowed in your state. In Texas, there are seven official grounds (reasons) for divorce that the court recognizes. Knowing these grounds can help manage the divorce process and determine if you have a valid legal reason for getting divorced and decide on your type of divorce.

Here are the 7 grounds for divorce in Texas

The most common reason people get divorced in Texas is because their marriage has broken down and they can’t get along anymore. This is called “insupportability.” If you and your partner can’t resolve your differences, and the marriage has become unbearable or impossible to continue, you may be able to file for divorce for this reason.

Adultery means having sexual relations with someone other than your spouse. If your spouse cheated on you, and you can prove it, that can be a valid reason for divorce in Texas. However, if you continued living together after finding out about the adultery, you may lose the right to file for divorce for that reason.

Cruelty refers to physical or emotional abuse that makes it impossible for the married couple to live together. If your spouse has been violent, made threats, or emotionally abused you, you may be able to file for divorce claiming cruelty.

If your spouse has been convicted of a felony and spent at least one year in prison, you can use that as grounds for divorce. But you must file within two years of their release.

Abandonment means one spouse left the other for at least a year with the intention of ending the marriage. This could involve physically leaving the home or refusing to provide financial support.

If a married couple has lived apart for at least three years, either person can file for divorce for that reason. This may apply if they separated due to work, military service, or other causes.

If one spouse has been in a mental institution for at least three years, and their mental disorder appears to be permanent and incurable, the other spouse may file for divorce on those grounds. This could apply if the ill spouse cannot participate in the marriage or provide financial support.

It’s important to understand the valid reasons for getting divorced in Texas so you can go through the divorce process without any delays or mistakes. If you are thinking about getting divorced, DallasDivorceOnline will help you with preparing your paperwork for uncontested divorce, so you can move forward with ending your marriage and starting a new phase of your life.